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pns_utils.h File Reference

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namespace  PNS
 Push and Shove diff pair dimensions (gap) settings dialog.


const SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN PNS::ArcHull (const SHAPE_ARC &aSeg, int aClearance, int aWalkaroundThickness)
 Various utility functions. More...
const SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN PNS::OctagonalHull (const VECTOR2I &aP0, const VECTOR2I &aSize, int aClearance, int aChamfer)
const SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN PNS::SegmentHull (const SHAPE_SEGMENT &aSeg, int aClearance, int aWalkaroundThickness)
const SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN PNS::ConvexHull (const SHAPE_SIMPLE &aConvex, int aClearance)
 Function ConvexHull() More...
SHAPE_RECT PNS::ApproximateSegmentAsRect (const SHAPE_SEGMENT &aSeg)
OPT_BOX2I PNS::ChangedArea (const ITEM *aItemA, const ITEM *aItemB)
OPT_BOX2I PNS::ChangedArea (const LINE &aLineA, const LINE &aLineB)
void PNS::HullIntersection (const SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN &hull, const SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN &line, SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN::INTERSECTIONS &ips)


constexpr int PNS::HULL_MARGIN = 10