KiCad PCB EDA Suite
panel_pcbnew_color_settings.cpp File Reference
#include <regex>
#include <board.h>
#include <gal/gal_display_options.h>
#include <layer_ids.h>
#include <panel_pcbnew_color_settings.h>
#include <pcbnew_settings.h>
#include <pcb_edit_frame.h>
#include <settings/settings_manager.h>
#include <footprint_preview_panel.h>
#include <widgets/appearance_controls.h>
#include <drawing_sheet/ds_proxy_view_item.h>
#include <pcb_painter.h>
#include <plugins/kicad/kicad_plugin.h>
#include <wx/treebook.h>

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std::string g_previewBoard
std::set< int > g_excludedLayers

Variable Documentation

◆ g_excludedLayers

std::set<int> g_excludedLayers
Initial value:
smd pads, front layer
Definition: layer_ids.h:198
show footprints values (when texts are visible)
Definition: layer_ids.h:206
smd pads, back layer
Definition: layer_ids.h:199
show footprints on back
Definition: layer_ids.h:205
Meta control for all vias opacity/visibility.
Definition: layer_ids.h:189
shadows for drc markers
Definition: layer_ids.h:233
show footprints on front
Definition: layer_ids.h:204
to handle and draw images bitmaps
Definition: layer_ids.h:219
show footprints references (when texts are visible)
Definition: layer_ids.h:207
general purpose overlay
Definition: layer_ids.h:214
to draw pad holes (plated)
Definition: layer_ids.h:210

Definition at line 353 of file panel_pcbnew_color_settings.cpp.


◆ g_previewBoard

std::string g_previewBoard