KiCad PCB EDA Suite
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kiapi::common Namespace Reference


std::optional< KICAD_TTypeNameFromAny (const google::protobuf::Any &aMessage)
LIB_ID LibIdFromProto (const types::LibraryIdentifier &aId)
types::LibraryIdentifier LibIdToProto (const LIB_ID &aId)
void PackVector2 (kiapi::common::types::Vector2 &aOutput, const VECTOR2I aInput)
VECTOR2I UnpackVector2 (const types::Vector2 &aInput)
void PackPolyLine (kiapi::common::types::PolyLine &aOutput, const SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN &aSlc)
SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN UnpackPolyLine (const kiapi::common::types::PolyLine &aInput)

Function Documentation

◆ LibIdFromProto()

LIB_ID kiapi::common::LibIdFromProto ( const types::LibraryIdentifier &  aId)

Definition at line 54 of file api_utils.cpp.

Referenced by FOOTPRINT::Deserialize().

◆ LibIdToProto()

types::LibraryIdentifier kiapi::common::LibIdToProto ( const LIB_ID aId)

Definition at line 60 of file api_utils.cpp.

References LIB_ID::GetLibItemName(), and LIB_ID::GetLibNickname().

Referenced by FOOTPRINT::Serialize().

◆ PackPolyLine()

◆ PackVector2()

void kiapi::common::PackVector2 ( kiapi::common::types::Vector2 &  aOutput,
const VECTOR2I  aInput 

◆ TypeNameFromAny()

◆ UnpackPolyLine()

SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN kiapi::common::UnpackPolyLine ( const kiapi::common::types::PolyLine &  aInput)

Definition at line 111 of file api_utils.cpp.

References SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN::Append(), and SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN::SetClosed().

Referenced by PCB_SHAPE::Deserialize().

◆ UnpackVector2()

VECTOR2I kiapi::common::UnpackVector2 ( const types::Vector2 &  aInput)