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gfx_import_utils.cpp File Reference
#include "gfx_import_utils.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <lib_symbol.h>
#include <sch_shape.h>
#include <import_gfx/graphics_importer_lib_symbol.h>
#include <import_gfx/svg_import_plugin.h>

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std::unordered_map< uint32_t, SHAPE_POLY_SETConvertImageToPolygons (wxImage img, VECTOR2D pixelScale)
void ConvertImageToLibShapes (LIB_SYMBOL *aSymbol, int unit, wxImage img, VECTOR2D pixelScale, VECTOR2D offset)
void ConvertSVGToLibShapes (LIB_SYMBOL *aSymbol, int unit, const wxMemoryBuffer &aImageData, VECTOR2D pixelScale, VECTOR2D offset)

Function Documentation

◆ ConvertImageToLibShapes()

void ConvertImageToLibShapes ( LIB_SYMBOL aSymbol,
int  unit,
wxImage  img,
VECTOR2D  pixelScale,
VECTOR2D  offset 

◆ ConvertImageToPolygons()

std::unordered_map< uint32_t, SHAPE_POLY_SET > ConvertImageToPolygons ( wxImage  img,
VECTOR2D  pixelScale 

◆ ConvertSVGToLibShapes()

void ConvertSVGToLibShapes ( LIB_SYMBOL aSymbol,
int  unit,
const wxMemoryBuffer &  aImageData,
VECTOR2D  pixelScale,
VECTOR2D  offset