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altium_parser_utils.cpp File Reference
#include "altium_parser_utils.h"
#include <string_utils.h>
#include <lib_id.h>

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LIB_ID AltiumToKiCadLibID (const wxString &aLibName, const wxString &aLibReference)
wxString AltiumPropertyToKiCadString (const wxString &aString)
wxString AltiumSpecialStringsToKiCadVariables (const wxString &aString, const std::map< wxString, wxString > &aOverrides)

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◆ AltiumPropertyToKiCadString()

wxString AltiumPropertyToKiCadString ( const wxString &  aString)

Definition at line 44 of file altium_parser_utils.cpp.

Referenced by ALTIUM_PARSER::ReadProperties().

◆ AltiumSpecialStringsToKiCadVariables()

wxString AltiumSpecialStringsToKiCadVariables ( const wxString &  aString,
const std::map< wxString, wxString > &  aOverrides 

◆ AltiumToKiCadLibID()

LIB_ID AltiumToKiCadLibID ( const wxString &  aLibName,
const wxString &  aLibReference