KiCad PCB EDA Suite
FOOTPRINT::cmp_pads Struct Reference

#include <footprint.h>

Public Member Functions

bool operator() (const PAD *aFirst, const PAD *aSecond) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 668 of file footprint.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

bool FOOTPRINT::cmp_pads::operator() ( const PAD aFirst,
const PAD aSecond 
) const

Definition at line 1975 of file footprint.cpp.

1976 {
1977  if( aFirst->GetName() != aSecond->GetName() )
1978  return StrNumCmp( aFirst->GetName(), aSecond->GetName() ) < 0;
1980  if( aFirst->m_Uuid != aSecond->m_Uuid ) // shopuld be always the case foer valid boards
1981  return aFirst->m_Uuid < aSecond->m_Uuid;
1983  return aFirst < aSecond;
1984 }
int StrNumCmp(const wxString &aString1, const wxString &aString2, bool aIgnoreCase)
Compare two strings with alphanumerical content.
Definition: string.cpp:420
const wxString & GetName() const
Definition: pad.h:133
const KIID m_Uuid
Definition: eda_item.h:524

References PAD::GetName(), EDA_ITEM::m_Uuid, and StrNumCmp().

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