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pns_log_file.cpp File Reference

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static const wxString readLine (FILE *f)
std::shared_ptr< SHAPEparseShape (SHAPE_TYPE expectedType, wxStringTokenizer &aTokens)
bool comparePnsItems (const PNS::ITEM *a, const PNS::ITEM *b)
const std::set< PNS::ITEM * > deduplicate (const std::vector< PNS::ITEM * > &items)

Function Documentation

◆ comparePnsItems()

◆ deduplicate()

const std::set< PNS::ITEM * > deduplicate ( const std::vector< PNS::ITEM * > &  items)

Definition at line 235 of file pns_log_file.cpp.

References comparePnsItems().

Referenced by PNS_LOG_FILE::COMMIT_STATE::Compare().

◆ parseShape()

std::shared_ptr< SHAPE > parseShape ( SHAPE_TYPE  expectedType,
wxStringTokenizer &  aTokens 

◆ readLine()

static const wxString readLine ( FILE *  f)

Definition at line 58 of file pns_log_file.cpp.

Referenced by PNS_LOG_FILE::Load().