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systemdirsappend.h File Reference

System directories search utilities. More...

#include <kiway.h>

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KICOMMON_API void SystemDirsAppend (SEARCH_STACK *aSearchStack)
 Append system places to aSearchStack in a platform specific way and pertinent to KiCad programs.
KICOMMON_API void GlobalPathsAppend (SEARCH_STACK *aDst, KIWAY::FACE_T aId)
 Initialize aDst SEARCH_STACK with KIFACE (DSO) specific settings.

Detailed Description

System directories search utilities.

Definition in file systemdirsappend.h.

Function Documentation

◆ GlobalPathsAppend()

KICOMMON_API void GlobalPathsAppend ( SEARCH_STACK aDst,

Initialize aDst SEARCH_STACK with KIFACE (DSO) specific settings.

Adds libraries, docs, template paths to the search stack.

Definition at line 178 of file systemdirsappend.cpp.

References SEARCH_STACK::AddPaths(), KIWAY::FACE_CVPCB, KIWAY::FACE_PCB, KIWAY::FACE_SCH, and SystemDirsAppend().

Referenced by KIFACE_BASE::start_common(), and DIALOG_GLOBAL_LIB_TABLE_CONFIG::TransferDataToWindow().

◆ SystemDirsAppend()

KICOMMON_API void SystemDirsAppend ( SEARCH_STACK aSearchStack)