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fp_lib_table.cpp File Reference
#include <kiface_base.h>
#include <footprint_info.h>
#include <lib_id.h>
#include <lib_table_lexer.h>
#include <pgm_base.h>
#include <search_stack.h>
#include <settings/settings_manager.h>
#include <systemdirsappend.h>
#include <fp_lib_table.h>
#include <footprint.h>
#include <wx/hash.h>

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#define OPT_SEP   '|'
 options separator character More...


static void setLibNickname (FOOTPRINT *aModule, const wxString &aNickname, const wxString &aFootprintName)


static const wxChar global_tbl_name [] = wxT( "fp-lib-table" )

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#define OPT_SEP   '|'

options separator character

Definition at line 40 of file fp_lib_table.cpp.

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◆ setLibNickname()

static void setLibNickname ( FOOTPRINT aModule,
const wxString &  aNickname,
const wxString &  aFootprintName 

Definition at line 316 of file fp_lib_table.cpp.

318 {
319  // The library cannot know its own name, because it might have been renamed or moved.
320  // Therefore footprints cannot know their own library nickname when residing in
321  // a footprint library.
322  // Only at this API layer can we tell the footprint about its actual library nickname.
323  if( aModule )
324  {
325  // remove "const"-ness, I really do want to set nickname without
326  // having to copy the LIB_ID and its two strings, twice each.
327  LIB_ID& fpid = (LIB_ID&) aModule->GetFPID();
329  // Catch any misbehaving plugin, which should be setting internal footprint name properly:
330  wxASSERT( aFootprintName == fpid.GetLibItemName().wx_str() );
332  // and clearing nickname
333  wxASSERT( !fpid.GetLibNickname().size() );
335  fpid.SetLibNickname( aNickname );
336  }
337 }
const UTF8 & GetLibItemName() const
Definition: lib_id.h:104
A logical library item identifier and consists of various portions much like a URI.
Definition: lib_id.h:51
const UTF8 & GetLibNickname() const
Return the logical library name portion of a LIB_ID.
Definition: lib_id.h:90
const LIB_ID & GetFPID() const
Definition: footprint.h:195
int SetLibNickname(const UTF8 &aNickname)
Override the logical library name portion of the LIB_ID to aNickname.
Definition: lib_id.cpp:97
wxString wx_str() const
Definition: utf8.cpp:46
std::string::size_type size() const
Definition: utf8.h:110

References FOOTPRINT::GetFPID(), LIB_ID::GetLibItemName(), LIB_ID::GetLibNickname(), LIB_ID::SetLibNickname(), UTF8::size(), and UTF8::wx_str().

Referenced by FP_LIB_TABLE::FootprintLoad().

Variable Documentation

◆ global_tbl_name

const wxChar global_tbl_name[] = wxT( "fp-lib-table" )