KiCad PCB EDA Suite
preview_utils.h File Reference
#include <eda_units.h>
#include <gal/color4d.h>
#include <math/vector2d.h>

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namespace  KIGFX
 The Cairo implementation of the graphics abstraction layer.
namespace  KIGFX::PREVIEW


double KIGFX::PREVIEW::PreviewOverlayDeemphAlpha (bool aDeemph=true)
 Default alpha of "de-emphasised" features (like previously locked-in lines. More...
wxString KIGFX::PREVIEW::DimensionLabel (const wxString &prefix, double aVal, const EDA_IU_SCALE &aIuScale, EDA_UNITS aUnits, bool aIncludeUnits=true)
 Get a formatted string showing a dimension to a sane precision with an optional prefix and unit suffix. More...
TEXT_DIMS KIGFX::PREVIEW::GetConstantGlyphHeight (KIGFX::GAL *aGal, int aRelativeSize=0)
 Set the GAL glyph height to a constant scaled value, so that it always looks the same on screen. More...
COLOR4D KIGFX::PREVIEW::GetShadowColor (const COLOR4D &aColor)
void KIGFX::PREVIEW::DrawTextNextToCursor (KIGFX::VIEW *aView, const VECTOR2D &aCursorPos, const VECTOR2D &aTextQuadrant, const std::vector< wxString > &aStrings, bool aDrawingDropShadows)
 Draw strings next to the cursor. More...