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launch_ext.cpp File Reference
#include <gestfich.h>
#include <launch_ext.h>

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void LaunchExternal (const wxString &aPath)
 Launches the given file or folder in the host OS. More...

Function Documentation

◆ LaunchExternal()

void LaunchExternal ( const wxString &  aPath)

Launches the given file or folder in the host OS.

aPathis a path to a file or folder

Definition at line 25 of file launch_ext.cpp.

26 {
27 #ifdef __WXMAC__
28  const wchar_t* args[] = { L"open", aPath.wc_str(), nullptr };
29  wxExecute( const_cast<wchar_t**>( args ) );
30 #else
31  wxString path( aPath );
33  wxLaunchDefaultApplication( path );
34 #endif
35 }

References path.

Referenced by KICAD_MANAGER_FRAME::OnBrowseInFileExplorer(), PANEL_COLOR_SETTINGS::OnBtnOpenThemeFolderClicked(), PROJECT_TREE_PANE::onOpenDirectory(), and SCRIPTING_TOOL::showPluginFolder().