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json_settings.cpp File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <fstream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <utility>
#include <sstream>
#include <locale_io.h>
#include <gal/color4d.h>
#include <settings/json_settings.h>
#include <settings/json_settings_internals.h>
#include <settings/nested_settings.h>
#include <settings/parameters.h>
#include <settings/bom_settings.h>
#include <settings/grid_settings.h>
#include <settings/aui_settings.h>
#include <wx/aui/framemanager.h>
#include <wx/config.h>
#include <wx/debug.h>
#include <wx/fileconf.h>
#include <wx/filename.h>
#include <wx/gdicmn.h>
#include <wx/log.h>
#include <wx/stdstream.h>
#include <wx/wfstream.h>

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template std::optional< std::string > JSON_SETTINGS::Get< std::string > (const std::string &aPath) const
template std::optional< nlohmann::json > JSON_SETTINGS::Get< nlohmann::json > (const std::string &aPath) const
template std::optional< KIGFX::COLOR4DJSON_SETTINGS::Get< KIGFX::COLOR4D > (const std::string &aPath) const
template void JSON_SETTINGS::Set< std::string > (const std::string &aPath, std::string aValue)
template void JSON_SETTINGS::Set< nlohmann::json > (const std::string &aPath, nlohmann::json aValue)
template void JSON_SETTINGS::Set< KIGFX::COLOR4D > (const std::string &aPath, KIGFX::COLOR4D aValue)
void to_json (nlohmann::json &aJson, const wxString &aString)
void from_json (const nlohmann::json &aJson, wxString &aString)


const wxChar *const traceSettings = wxT( "KICAD_SETTINGS" )
 Flag to enable debug output of settings operations and management. More...

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◆ from_json()

void from_json ( const nlohmann::json &  aJson,
wxString &  aString 

Definition at line 867 of file json_settings.cpp.


template std::optional< KIGFX::COLOR4D > JSON_SETTINGS::Get< KIGFX::COLOR4D > ( const std::string &  aPath) const

◆ JSON_SETTINGS::Get< nlohmann::json >()

template std::optional< nlohmann::json > JSON_SETTINGS::Get< nlohmann::json > ( const std::string &  aPath) const

◆ JSON_SETTINGS::Get< std::string >()

template std::optional< std::string > JSON_SETTINGS::Get< std::string > ( const std::string &  aPath) const


template void JSON_SETTINGS::Set< KIGFX::COLOR4D > ( const std::string &  aPath,

◆ JSON_SETTINGS::Set< nlohmann::json >()

template void JSON_SETTINGS::Set< nlohmann::json > ( const std::string &  aPath,
nlohmann::json  aValue 

◆ JSON_SETTINGS::Set< std::string >()

template void JSON_SETTINGS::Set< std::string > ( const std::string &  aPath,
std::string  aValue 

◆ to_json()

void to_json ( nlohmann::json &  aJson,
const wxString &  aString 

Definition at line 861 of file json_settings.cpp.