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eda_doc.h File Reference

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bool GetAssociatedDocument (wxWindow *aParent, const wxString &aDocName, PROJECT *aProject, SEARCH_STACK *aPaths=nullptr)
 Open a document (file) with the suitable browser.

Detailed Description

This file is part of the common library.

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Definition in file eda_doc.h.

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◆ GetAssociatedDocument()

bool GetAssociatedDocument ( wxWindow *  aParent,
const wxString &  aDocName,
PROJECT aProject,
SEARCH_STACK aPaths = nullptr 

Open a document (file) with the suitable browser.

Environmental variables are substituted before the document name is resolved for either browser or file. If aDocName begins with http: or ftp: or www. the default internet browser is launched.

aParentmain frame.
aDocNamefilename of file to open (Full filename or short filename).
aPathsAdditional paths to search for local disk datasheet files

Definition at line 60 of file eda_doc.cpp.

References _, DisplayError(), EDAfallbacks, mimeDatabase, OpenPDF(), ResolveUriByEnvVars(), UNIX_STRING_DIR_SEP, and WIN_STRING_DIR_SEP.

Referenced by FIELDS_EDITOR_GRID_TRICKS::doPopupSelection(), FIELDS_GRID_TRICKS::doPopupSelection(), SCH_NAVIGATE_TOOL::HypertextCommand(), TEXT_BUTTON_URL::OnButtonClick(), LIB_TREE::onDetailsLink(), EE_INSPECTION_TOOL::ShowDatasheet(), and COMMON_CONTROL::ShowHelp().