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HIGH_LIGHT_INFO Class Reference

#include <board.h>

Protected Member Functions

void Clear ()

Protected Attributes

std::set< int > m_netCodes
bool m_highLightOn


class BOARD

Detailed Description

Definition at line 135 of file board.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Definition at line 147 of file board.h.

148  {
149  Clear();
150  }
void Clear()
Definition: board.h:141

References Clear().

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void HIGH_LIGHT_INFO::Clear ( )

Definition at line 141 of file board.h.

142  {
143  m_netCodes.clear();
144  m_highLightOn = false;
145  }
bool m_highLightOn
Definition: board.h:139
std::set< int > m_netCodes
Definition: board.h:138

References m_highLightOn, and m_netCodes.

Referenced by HIGH_LIGHT_INFO(), and BOARD::ResetNetHighLight().

Friends And Related Function Documentation


friend class BOARD

Definition at line 153 of file board.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_highLightOn

bool HIGH_LIGHT_INFO::m_highLightOn

Definition at line 139 of file board.h.

Referenced by Clear(), BOARD::HighLightON(), and BOARD::IsHighLightNetON().

◆ m_netCodes

std::set<int> HIGH_LIGHT_INFO::m_netCodes

Definition at line 138 of file board.h.

Referenced by Clear(), BOARD::GetHighLightNetCodes(), and BOARD::SetHighLightNet().

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