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invoke_pcb_dialog.h File Reference

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void InvokePcbLibTableEditor (KIWAY *aKiway, wxWindow *aCaller)
 Function InvokePcbLibTableEditor shows the modal DIALOG_FP_LIB_TABLE for purposes of editing the global and project library tables.
bool InvokeExportSVG (PCB_EDIT_FRAME *aCaller, BOARD *aBoard)
 Function InvokeExportSVG shows the Export SVG dialog.

Function Documentation

◆ InvokeExportSVG()

bool InvokeExportSVG ( PCB_EDIT_FRAME aCaller,
BOARD aBoard 

Function InvokeExportSVG shows the Export SVG dialog.

aCalleris the PCB_EDIT_FRAME which is invoking the dialog.
aBoardis the currently edited board.
bool - true if user pressed OK (did not abort), else false.

Definition at line 378 of file dialog_export_svg.cpp.

Referenced by PCB_EDIT_FRAME::ExportSVG().

◆ InvokePcbLibTableEditor()

void InvokePcbLibTableEditor ( KIWAY aKiway,
wxWindow *  aCaller