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app.h File Reference

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namespace  KIPLATFORM
namespace  KIPLATFORM::APP


bool KIPLATFORM::APP::Init ()
 Perform application-specific initialization tasks.
bool KIPLATFORM::APP::AttachConsole (bool aTryAlloc)
 Tries to attach a console window with stdout, stderr and stdin.
bool KIPLATFORM::APP::IsOperatingSystemUnsupported ()
 Checks if the Operating System is explicitly unsupported and we want to prevent users from sending bug reports and show them a disclaimer on startup.
bool KIPLATFORM::APP::RegisterApplicationRestart (const wxString &aCommandLine)
 Registers the application for restart with the OS with the given command line string to pass as args.
bool KIPLATFORM::APP::UnregisterApplicationRestart ()
 Unregisters the application from automatic restart.
bool KIPLATFORM::APP::SupportsShutdownBlockReason ()
 Whether or not the window supports setting a shutdown block reason.
void KIPLATFORM::APP::SetShutdownBlockReason (wxWindow *aWindow, const wxString &aReason)
 Sets the block reason why the window/application is preventing OS shutdown.
void KIPLATFORM::APP::RemoveShutdownBlockReason (wxWindow *aWindow)
 Removes any shutdown block reason set.
void KIPLATFORM::APP::ForceTimerMessagesToBeCreatedIfNecessary ()
 Forces wxTimers to fire more promptly on Win32.
void KIPLATFORM::APP::AddDynamicLibrarySearchPath (const wxString &aPath)
 Inserts a search path for loading dynamic libraries.