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KIFACE Member List

This is the complete list of members for KIFACE, including all inherited members.

CreateKiWindow(wxWindow *aParent, int aClassId, KIWAY *aKIWAY, int aCtlBits=0)=0KIFACEpure virtual
GetActions(std::vector< TOOL_ACTION * > &aActions) const =0KIFACEpure virtual
HandleJob(JOB *aJob)KIFACEinlinevirtual
IfaceOrAddress(int aDataId)=0KIFACEpure virtual
OnKifaceEnd()=0KIFACEpure virtual
OnKifaceStart(PGM_BASE *aProgram, int aCtlBits, KIWAY *aKiway)=0KIFACEpure virtual
Reset()=0KIFACEpure virtual
SaveFileAs(const wxString &srcProjectBasePath, const wxString &srcProjectName, const wxString &newProjectBasePath, const wxString &newProjectName, const wxString &srcFilePath, wxString &aErrors)KIFACEinlinevirtual