KiCad PCB EDA Suite
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1// Do not edit this file, it is autogenerated by CMake from the .md file
2_HKI( "- This calculator finds combinations of standard E-series (between 10Ω and 1MΩ) to create arbitrary values.\n"
3"- You can enter the required resistance from 0.0025 to 4000 kΩ.\n"
4"- Solutions using up to 4 components are given.\n"
6"The requested value is always excluded from the solution set.<br>\n"
7"Optionally up to two additional values can be excluded in case of component availability problems.\n"
9"Solutions are given in the following formats:\n"
11" R1 + R2 +...+ Rn resistors in series\n"
12" R1 | R2 |...| Rn resistors in parallel\n"
13" R1 + (R2|R3)... any combination of the above\n"
14"" );
#define _HKI(x)