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1// Do not edit this file, it is autogenerated by CMake from the .md file
2_HKI( "This table shows the difference in electrochemical potential between various metals and alloys. Galvanic corrosion affects different metals in contact and under certain conditions.<br>\n"
3"The anode of an electrochemical pair gets oxidized and eaten away, while the cathode gets dissolved metals plated onto it but stays protected.<br>\n"
4"A positive number indicates that the row is anodic (-) and the column is cathodic (+), cold and warm coloring hues also indicate rows' potential.<br>\n"
5"EN 50310 suggests a voltage difference below 300mV. Known practices make use of a third interface metal in between the main pair(ie the ENIG surface finish).<br>\n"
6"Selected cells shown with the default system's coloring choice after a table refill.\n"
7"" );
#define _HKI(x)