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UTF8 Member List

This is the complete list of members for UTF8, including all inherited members.

begin() constUTF8inline
c_str() constUTF8inline
compare(const std::string &s) constUTF8inline
empty() constUTF8inline
end() constUTF8inline
find(char c) constUTF8inline
find(char c, size_t s) constUTF8inline
find_first_of(const std::string &str, std::string::size_type pos=0) constUTF8inline
length() constUTF8inline
operator const std::string &() constUTF8inline
operator wxString() constUTF8
operator!=(const UTF8 &rhs) constUTF8inline
operator+=(const UTF8 &str)UTF8inline
operator+=(char ch)UTF8inline
operator+=(const char *s)UTF8inline
operator+=(unsigned w_ch)UTF8
operator<(const UTF8 &rhs) constUTF8inline
operator=(const wxString &o)UTF8
operator=(const std::string &o)UTF8inline
operator=(const char *s)UTF8inline
operator=(char c)UTF8inline
operator==(const UTF8 &rhs) constUTF8inline
operator==(const std::string &rhs) constUTF8inline
operator==(const char *s) constUTF8inline
operator>(const UTF8 &rhs) constUTF8inline
size() constUTF8inline
substr(size_t pos=0, size_t len=npos) constUTF8inline
ubegin() constUTF8inline
uend() constUTF8inline
uni_forward(const unsigned char *aSequence, unsigned *aResult=nullptr)UTF8static
UTF8(const wxString &o)UTF8
UTF8(const char *txt)UTF8inline
UTF8(const wchar_t *txt)UTF8
UTF8(const std::string &o)UTF8inline
wx_str() constUTF8