KiCad PCB EDA Suite
SEG Member List

This is the complete list of members for SEG, including all inherited members.

AngleDegrees(const SEG &aOther) constSEG
ApproxCollinear(const SEG &aSeg) constSEGinline
ApproxParallel(const SEG &aSeg, int aDistanceThreshold=1) constSEGinline
ApproxPerpendicular(const SEG &aSeg) constSEGinline
CanonicalCoefs(ecoord &qA, ecoord &qB, ecoord &qC) constSEGinline
ccw(const VECTOR2I &aA, const VECTOR2I &aB, const VECTOR2I &aC) constSEGprivate
Center() constSEGinline
Collide(const SEG &aSeg, int aClearance, int *aActual=nullptr) constSEG
Collinear(const SEG &aSeg) constSEGinline
Contains(const SEG &aSeg) constSEGinline
Contains(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEG
Distance(const SEG &aSeg) constSEG
Distance(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEG
ecoord typedefSEG
Index() constSEGinline
Intersect(const SEG &aSeg, bool aIgnoreEndpoints=false, bool aLines=false) constSEG
IntersectLines(const SEG &aSeg) constSEGinline
intersects(const SEG &aSeg, bool aIgnoreEndpoints=false, bool aLines=false, VECTOR2I *aPt=nullptr) constSEGprivate
Intersects(const SEG &aSeg) constSEG
Length() constSEGinline
LineDistance(const VECTOR2I &aP, bool aDetermineSide=false) constSEG
LineProject(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEG
NearestPoint(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEG
NearestPoint(const SEG &aSeg) constSEG
operator!=(const SEG &aSeg) constSEGinline
operator<<(std::ostream &aStream, const SEG &aSeg)SEGfriend
operator=(const SEG &aSeg)SEGinline
operator==(const SEG &aSeg) constSEGinline
Overlaps(const SEG &aSeg) constSEGinline
ParallelSeg(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEG
PerpendicularSeg(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEG
ReflectPoint(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEG
Reversed() constSEGinline
SEG(int aX1, int aY1, int aX2, int aY2)SEGinline
SEG(const VECTOR2I &aA, const VECTOR2I &aB)SEGinline
SEG(const VECTOR2I &aA, const VECTOR2I &aB, int aIndex)SEGinline
SEG(const SEG &aSeg)SEGinline
Side(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEGinline
Square(int a)SEGinlinestatic
SquaredDistance(const SEG &aSeg) constSEG
SquaredDistance(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEGinline
SquaredLength() constSEGinline
TCoef(const VECTOR2I &aP) constSEGinline