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PARAM_LIST< Type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for PARAM_LIST< Type >, including all inherited members.

GetJsonPath() constPARAM_BASEinline
Load(JSON_SETTINGS *aSettings, bool aResetIfMissing=true) const overridePARAM_LIST< Type >virtual
m_defaultPARAM_LIST< Type >protected
m_ptrPARAM_LIST< Type >protected
MatchesFile(JSON_SETTINGS *aSettings) const overridePARAM_LIST< Type >virtual
PARAM_BASE(std::string aJsonPath, bool aReadOnly)PARAM_BASEinline
PARAM_LIST(const std::string &aJsonPath, std::vector< Type > *aPtr, std::initializer_list< Type > aDefault, bool aReadOnly=false)PARAM_LIST< Type >inline
PARAM_LIST(const std::string &aJsonPath, std::vector< Type > *aPtr, std::vector< Type > aDefault, bool aReadOnly=false)PARAM_LIST< Type >inline
SetDefault() overridePARAM_LIST< Type >inlinevirtual
Store(JSON_SETTINGS *aSettings) const overridePARAM_LIST< Type >virtual