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pcbnew.FP_ZONE Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, *args)
def ViewGetLOD (self, aLayer, aView)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.ZONE
def __init__ (self, *args)
def InitDataFromSrcInCopyCtor (self, aZone)
def IsConflicting (self)
def SetAssignedPriority (self, aPriority)
def GetAssignedPriority (self)
def HigherPriority (self, aOther)
def SameNet (self, aOther)
def GetZoneName (self)
def SetZoneName (self, aName)
def CacheBoundingBox (self)
def GetLocalClearance (self, *args)
def SetLocalClearance (self, aClearance)
def GetFirstLayer (self)
def ViewGetLOD (self, aLayer, aView)
def SetFillMode (self, aFillMode)
def GetFillMode (self)
def SetThermalReliefGap (self, aThermalReliefGap)
def GetThermalReliefGap (self, *args)
def SetThermalReliefSpokeWidth (self, aThermalReliefSpokeWidth)
def GetThermalReliefSpokeWidth (self)
def CalculateFilledArea (self)
def CalculateOutlineArea (self)
def GetFilledArea (self)
def GetOutlineArea (self)
def GetLock (self)
def GetFillFlag (self, aLayer)
def SetFillFlag (self, aLayer, aFlag)
def IsFilled (self)
def SetIsFilled (self, isFilled)
def NeedRefill (self)
def SetNeedRefill (self, aNeedRefill)
def GetPadConnection (self)
def SetPadConnection (self, aPadConnection)
def GetMinThickness (self)
def SetMinThickness (self, aMinThickness)
def GetHatchThickness (self)
def SetHatchThickness (self, aThickness)
def GetHatchGap (self)
def SetHatchGap (self, aStep)
def GetHatchOrientation (self)
def SetHatchOrientation (self, aStep)
def GetHatchSmoothingLevel (self)
def SetHatchSmoothingLevel (self, aLevel)
def GetHatchSmoothingValue (self)
def SetHatchSmoothingValue (self, aValue)
def GetHatchHoleMinArea (self)
def SetHatchHoleMinArea (self, aPct)
def GetHatchBorderAlgorithm (self)
def SetHatchBorderAlgorithm (self, aAlgo)
def GetSelectedCorner (self)
def SetSelectedCorner (self, aCorner)
def GetLocalFlags (self)
def SetLocalFlags (self, aFlags)
def Outline (self, *args)
def SetOutline (self, aOutline)
def GetEffectiveShape (self, *args)
def HitTestFilledArea (self, aLayer, aRefPos, aAccuracy=0)
def HitTestCutout (self, aRefPos, aOutlineIdx=None, aHoleIdx=None)
def GetInteractingZones (self, aLayer, aSameNetCollidingZones, aOtherNetIntersectingZones)
def TransformSolidAreasShapesToPolygon (self, aLayer, aBuffer)
def TransformSmoothedOutlineToPolygon (self, aBuffer, aClearance, aError, aErrorLoc, aBoardOutline)
def TransformShapeToPolygon (self, aBuffer, aLayer, aClearance, aError, aErrorLoc, ignoreLineWidth=False)
def HitTestForCorner (self, refPos, aAccuracy, aCornerHit=None)
def HitTestForEdge (self, refPos, aAccuracy, aCornerHit=None)
def HitTest (self, *args)
def UnFill (self)
def MoveEdge (self, offset, aEdge)
def Mirror (self, aMirrorRef, aMirrorLeftRight)
def GetNumCorners (self)
def Iterate (self)
def IterateWithHoles (self)
def CIterateWithHoles (self)
def RemoveAllContours (self)
def GetCornerPosition (self, aCornerIndex)
def SetCornerPosition (self, aCornerIndex, new_pos)
def NewHole (self)
def AppendCorner (self, aPosition, aHoleIdx, aAllowDuplication=False)
def GetHatchStyle (self)
def SetHatchStyle (self, aStyle)
def IsSame (self, aZoneToCompare)
def HasFilledPolysForLayer (self, aLayer)
def GetFilledPolysList (self, aLayer)
def GetFill (self, aLayer)
def CacheTriangulation (self, aLayer=UNDEFINED_LAYER)
def SetFilledPolysList (self, aLayer, aPolysList)
def IsIsland (self, aLayer, aPolyIdx)
def SetIsIsland (self, aLayer, aPolyIdx)
def BuildSmoothedPoly (self, aSmoothedPoly, aLayer, aBoardOutline, aSmoothedPolyWithApron=None)
def SetCornerSmoothingType (self, aType)
def GetCornerSmoothingType (self)
def SetCornerRadius (self, aRadius)
def GetCornerRadius (self)
def RemoveCutout (self, aOutlineIdx, aHoleIdx)
def AddPolygon (self, *args)
def IsTeardropArea (self)
def SetTeardropAreaType (self, aType)
def GetTeardropAreaType (self)
def GetIsRuleArea (self)
def GetDoNotAllowCopperPour (self)
def GetDoNotAllowVias (self)
def GetDoNotAllowTracks (self)
def GetDoNotAllowPads (self)
def GetDoNotAllowFootprints (self)
def SetIsRuleArea (self, aEnable)
def SetDoNotAllowCopperPour (self, aEnable)
def SetDoNotAllowVias (self, aEnable)
def SetDoNotAllowTracks (self, aEnable)
def SetDoNotAllowPads (self, aEnable)
def SetDoNotAllowFootprints (self, aEnable)
def GetIslandRemovalMode (self)
def SetIslandRemovalMode (self, aRemove)
def GetMinIslandArea (self)
def SetMinIslandArea (self, aArea)
def GetBorderHatchPitch (self)
def SetBorderDisplayStyle (self, aBorderHatchStyle, aBorderHatchPitch, aRebuilBorderdHatch)
def SetBorderHatchPitch (self, aPitch)
def UnHatchBorder (self)
def HatchBorder (self)
def GetHatchLines (self)
def BuildHashValue (self, aLayer)
def GetHashValue (self, aLayer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM
def __init__ (self, *args, **kwargs)
def GetNet (self)
def SetNet (self, aNetInfo)
def GetNetCode (self)
def SetNetCode (self, *args)
def GetNetname (self)
def GetNetnameMsg (self)
def GetShortNetname (self)
def GetUnescapedShortNetname (self)
def GetOwnClearance (self, aLayer, aSource=None)
def GetLocalClearanceOverrides (self, aSource)
def GetLocalClearance (self, aSource)
def GetEffectiveNetClass (self)
def GetNetClassName (self)
def SetLocalRatsnestVisible (self, aVisible)
def GetLocalRatsnestVisible (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_ITEM
def __init__ (self, *args, **kwargs)
def SetParentGroup (self, aGroup)
def GetParentGroup (self)
def GetX (self)
def GetY (self)
def GetCenter (self)
def SetX (self, aX)
def SetY (self, aY)
def IsConnected (self)
def IsOnCopperLayer (self)
def HasHole (self)
def IsTented (self)
def GetEffectiveShape (self, *args)
def GetEffectiveHoleShape (self)
def GetParent (self)
def GetParentFootprint (self)
def HasLineStroke (self)
def GetStroke (self)
def SetStroke (self, aStroke)
def GetLayer (self)
def GetLayerSet (self)
def SetLayerSet (self, aLayers)
def SetLayer (self, aLayer)
def Duplicate (self)
def SwapItemData (self, aImage)
def IsOnLayer (self, aLayer)
def IsKnockout (self)
def SetIsKnockout (self, aKnockout)
def IsLocked (self)
def SetLocked (self, aLocked)
def DeleteStructure (self)
def Move (self, aMoveVector)
def Rotate (self, aRotCentre, aAngle)
def Flip (self, aCentre, aFlipLeftRight)
def GetBoard (self, *args)
def GetLayerName (self)
def TransformShapeToPolygon (self, aBuffer, aLayer, aClearance, aError, aErrorLoc, ignoreLineWidth=False)
def Cast (self)
def Duplicate (self)
def SetPos (self, p)
def SetStartEnd (self, start, end)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.EDA_ITEM
def __init__ (self, *args, **kwargs)
def Type (self)
def GetParent (self)
def SetParent (self, aParent)
def IsModified (self)
def IsNew (self)
def IsMoving (self)
def IsSelected (self)
def IsEntered (self)
def IsBrightened (self)
def IsRollover (self)
def SetSelected (self)
def SetBrightened (self)
def ClearSelected (self)
def ClearBrightened (self)
def SetModified (self)
def GetState (self, type)
def SetState (self, type, state)
def GetStatus (self)
def SetStatus (self, aStatus)
def SetFlags (self, aMask)
def XorFlags (self, aMask)
def ClearFlags (self, *args)
def GetFlags (self)
def HasFlag (self, aFlag)
def GetEditFlags (self)
def ClearTempFlags (self)
def ClearEditFlags (self)
def RenderAsBitmap (self, aWorldScale)
def SetIsShownAsBitmap (self, aBitmap)
def IsShownAsBitmap (self)
def IsType (self, aScanTypes)
def SetForceVisible (self, aEnable)
def IsForceVisible (self)
def GetMsgPanelInfo (self, aFrame, aList)
def GetFriendlyName (self)
def HitTest (self, *args)
def GetBoundingBox (self)
def GetPosition (self)
def SetPosition (self, aPos)
def GetFocusPosition (self)
def GetSortPosition (self)
def Clone (self)
def Visit (self, inspector, testData, aScanTypes)
def GetClass (self)
def GetTypeDesc (self)
def GetItemDescription (self, aUnitsProvider)
def GetMenuImage (self)
def Matches (self, aSearchData, aAuxData)
def Replace (self, *args)
def IsReplaceable (self)
def __lt__ (self, aItem)
def ViewBBox (self)
def ViewGetLayers (self, aLayers, aCount)


 thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")
- Properties inherited from pcbnew.ZONE
 thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")
- Properties inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_CONNECTED_ITEM
 thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")
- Properties inherited from pcbnew.BOARD_ITEM
 thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")
- Properties inherited from pcbnew.EDA_ITEM
 thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")
 m_Uuid = property(_pcbnew.EDA_ITEM_m_Uuid_get, doc=)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.ZONE
def ClassOf (aItem)
def GetDefaultHatchPitch ()
def ClassOf (aItem)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from pcbnew.EDA_ITEM
def Sort (aLeft, aRight)

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ FP_ZONE class.

Definition at line 14055 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def pcbnew.FP_ZONE.__init__ (   self,
    __init__(FP_ZONE self, BOARD_ITEM_CONTAINER aParent) -> FP_ZONE
    __init__(FP_ZONE self, FP_ZONE aZone) -> FP_ZONE

Reimplemented from pcbnew.ZONE.

Definition at line 14061 of file

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Member Function Documentation

◆ ViewGetLOD()

def pcbnew.FP_ZONE.ViewGetLOD (   self,
ViewGetLOD(FP_ZONE self, int aLayer, KIGFX::VIEW * aView) -> double

Reimplemented from pcbnew.ZONE.

Definition at line 14068 of file

Property Documentation

◆ thisown

pcbnew.FP_ZONE.thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")

Definition at line 14058 of file

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