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pcbnew.EDA_TEXT Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, *args)
def GetText (self)
def GetShownText (self, aAllowExtraText, aDepth=0)
def HasTextVars (self)
def SetText (self, aText)
def SetTextThickness (self, aWidth)
def GetTextThickness (self)
def GetEffectiveTextPenWidth (self, aDefaultPenWidth=0)
def SetTextAngle (self, aAngle)
def GetTextAngle (self)
def SetTextAngleDegrees (self, aOrientation)
def GetTextAngleDegrees (self)
def SetItalic (self, aItalic)
def IsItalic (self)
def SetBold (self, aBold)
def IsBold (self)
def SetVisible (self, aVisible)
def IsVisible (self)
def SetMirrored (self, isMirrored)
def IsMirrored (self)
def SetMultilineAllowed (self, aAllow)
def IsMultilineAllowed (self)
def SetHorizJustify (self, aType)
def GetHorizJustify (self)
def SetVertJustify (self, aType)
def GetVertJustify (self)
def SetKeepUpright (self, aKeepUpright)
def IsKeepUpright (self)
def SwapAttributes (self, aTradingPartner)
def SwapText (self, aTradingPartner)
def CopyText (self, aSrc)
def SetAttributes (self, *args)
def GetAttributes (self)
def Replace (self, aSearchData)
def IsDefaultFormatting (self)
def SetFont (self, aFont)
def GetFont (self)
def GetFontName (self)
def SetLineSpacing (self, aLineSpacing)
def GetLineSpacing (self)
def SetTextSize (self, aNewSize)
def GetTextSize (self)
def SetTextWidth (self, aWidth)
def GetTextWidth (self)
def SetTextHeight (self, aHeight)
def GetTextHeight (self)
def SetTextColor (self, aColor)
def GetTextColor (self)
def SetTextPos (self, aPoint)
def GetTextPos (self)
def SetTextX (self, aX)
def SetTextY (self, aY)
def Offset (self, aOffset)
def Empty (self)
def Print (self, aSettings, aOffset, aColor, aDisplay_mode=FILLED)
def GetEffectiveTextShapeNative (self, *args)
def TextHitTest (self, *args)
def GetTextBox (self, aLine=-1, aInvertY=False)
def GetInterline (self)
def GetTextStyleName (self)
def GetLinePositions (self, aPositions, aLineCount)
def Format (self, aFormatter, aNestLevel, aControlBits)
def GetDrawRotation (self)
def GetDrawPos (self)
def ClearRenderCache (self)
def ClearBoundingBoxCache (self)
def GetRenderCache (self, *args)
def SetupRenderCache (self, aResolvedText, aAngle)
def AddRenderCacheGlyph (self, aPoly)
def Compare (self, aOther)
def HasHyperlink (self)
def GetHyperlink (self)
def SetHyperlink (self, aLink)
def RemoveHyperlink (self)
def GetEffectiveTextShape (self, aTriangulate=True, aUseTextRotation=True)
def GetShownText (self)

Static Public Member Functions

def MapHorizJustify (aHorizJustify)
def MapVertJustify (aVertJustify)
def ValidateHyperlink (aURL)
def IsGotoPageHref (aHref, aDestination=None)
def GotoPageHref (aDestination)


 thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ EDA_TEXT class.

Definition at line 2644 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.__init__ (   self,
    __init__(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_IU_SCALE aIuScale, wxString aText=wxEmptyString) -> EDA_TEXT
    __init__(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT aText) -> EDA_TEXT

Reimplemented in pcbnew.FP_TEXT, pcbnew.PCB_DIMENSION_BASE, pcbnew.PCB_DIM_ORTHOGONAL, pcbnew.PCB_DIM_RADIAL, pcbnew.PCB_DIM_LEADER, pcbnew.PCB_DIM_CENTER, pcbnew.PCB_DIM_ALIGNED, pcbnew.FP_TEXTBOX, pcbnew.PCB_TEXTBOX, and pcbnew.PCB_TEXT.

Definition at line 2650 of file

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Member Function Documentation

◆ AddRenderCacheGlyph()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.AddRenderCacheGlyph (   self,
AddRenderCacheGlyph(EDA_TEXT self, SHAPE_POLY_SET aPoly)

Definition at line 2942 of file

◆ ClearBoundingBoxCache()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.ClearBoundingBoxCache (   self)
ClearBoundingBoxCache(EDA_TEXT self)

Definition at line 2930 of file

◆ ClearRenderCache()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.ClearRenderCache (   self)
ClearRenderCache(EDA_TEXT self)

Definition at line 2926 of file

◆ Compare()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Compare (   self,
Compare(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT aOther) -> int

Definition at line 2946 of file

◆ CopyText()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.CopyText (   self,
CopyText(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT aSrc)

Definition at line 2774 of file

◆ Empty()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Empty (   self)
Empty(EDA_TEXT self)

Definition at line 2869 of file

◆ Format()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Format (   self,
Format(EDA_TEXT self, OUTPUTFORMATTER aFormatter, int aNestLevel, int aControlBits)

Definition at line 2914 of file

◆ GetAttributes()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetAttributes (   self)
GetAttributes(EDA_TEXT self) -> TEXT_ATTRIBUTES

Definition at line 2785 of file

◆ GetDrawPos()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetDrawPos (   self)
GetDrawPos(EDA_TEXT self) -> VECTOR2I

Definition at line 2922 of file

◆ GetDrawRotation()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetDrawRotation (   self)
GetDrawRotation(EDA_TEXT self) -> EDA_ANGLE

Definition at line 2918 of file

◆ GetEffectiveTextPenWidth()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetEffectiveTextPenWidth (   self,
  aDefaultPenWidth = 0 
GetEffectiveTextPenWidth(EDA_TEXT self, int aDefaultPenWidth=0) -> int

Definition at line 2682 of file

◆ GetEffectiveTextShape()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetEffectiveTextShape (   self,
  aTriangulate = True,
  aUseTextRotation = True 

Definition at line 2983 of file

◆ GetEffectiveTextShapeNative()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetEffectiveTextShapeNative (   self,
GetEffectiveTextShapeNative(EDA_TEXT self, bool aTriangulate=True, BOX2I aBBox=BOX2I(), EDA_ANGLE aAngle=ANGLE_0) -> std::shared_ptr< SHAPE_COMPOUND >

Definition at line 2887 of file

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◆ GetFont()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetFont (   self)
GetFont(EDA_TEXT self) -> KIFONT::FONT *

Definition at line 2801 of file

◆ GetFontName()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetFontName (   self)
GetFontName(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxString

Definition at line 2805 of file

◆ GetHorizJustify()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetHorizJustify (   self)
GetHorizJustify(EDA_TEXT self) -> GR_TEXT_H_ALIGN_T

Definition at line 2746 of file

◆ GetHyperlink()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetHyperlink (   self)
GetHyperlink(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxString

Definition at line 2954 of file

◆ GetInterline()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetInterline (   self)
GetInterline(EDA_TEXT self) -> int

Definition at line 2902 of file

◆ GetLinePositions()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetLinePositions (   self,
GetLinePositions(EDA_TEXT self, VECTOR_VECTOR2I aPositions, int aLineCount)

Definition at line 2910 of file

◆ GetLineSpacing()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetLineSpacing (   self)
GetLineSpacing(EDA_TEXT self) -> double

Definition at line 2813 of file

◆ GetRenderCache()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetRenderCache (   self,
GetRenderCache(EDA_TEXT self, KIFONT::FONT const * aFont, wxString forResolvedText, VECTOR2I aOffset={ 0, 0 }) -> std::vector< std::unique_ptr< KIFONT::GLYPH >,std::allocator< std::unique_ptr< KIFONT::GLYPH > > >

Definition at line 2934 of file

◆ GetShownText() [1/2]

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetShownText (   self)
GetShownText(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxString

Reimplemented in pcbnew.PCB_TEXT, pcbnew.PCB_TEXTBOX, pcbnew.FP_TEXT, pcbnew.FP_TEXTBOX, pcbnew.PCB_TEXT, pcbnew.PCB_TEXTBOX, pcbnew.FP_TEXT, and pcbnew.FP_TEXTBOX.

Definition at line 2989 of file

◆ GetShownText() [2/2]

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetShownText (   self,
  aDepth = 0 
GetShownText(EDA_TEXT self, bool aAllowExtraText, int aDepth=0) -> wxString

Reimplemented in pcbnew.PCB_TEXT, pcbnew.PCB_TEXTBOX, pcbnew.FP_TEXT, pcbnew.FP_TEXTBOX, pcbnew.PCB_TEXT, pcbnew.PCB_TEXTBOX, pcbnew.FP_TEXT, and pcbnew.FP_TEXTBOX.

Definition at line 2662 of file

◆ GetText()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetText (   self)
GetText(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxString

Definition at line 2658 of file

◆ GetTextAngle()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextAngle (   self)
GetTextAngle(EDA_TEXT self) -> EDA_ANGLE

Definition at line 2690 of file

◆ GetTextAngleDegrees()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextAngleDegrees (   self)
GetTextAngleDegrees(EDA_TEXT self) -> double

Definition at line 2698 of file

◆ GetTextBox()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextBox (   self,
  aLine = -1,
  aInvertY = False 
GetTextBox(EDA_TEXT self, int aLine=-1, bool aInvertY=False) -> BOX2I

Definition at line 2898 of file

◆ GetTextColor()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextColor (   self)
GetTextColor(EDA_TEXT self) -> COLOR4D

Definition at line 2845 of file

◆ GetTextHeight()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextHeight (   self)
GetTextHeight(EDA_TEXT self) -> int

Definition at line 2837 of file

◆ GetTextPos()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextPos (   self)
GetTextPos(EDA_TEXT self) -> VECTOR2I

Definition at line 2853 of file

◆ GetTextSize()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextSize (   self)
GetTextSize(EDA_TEXT self) -> VECTOR2I

Definition at line 2821 of file

◆ GetTextStyleName()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextStyleName (   self)
GetTextStyleName(EDA_TEXT self) -> wxString

Definition at line 2906 of file

◆ GetTextThickness()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextThickness (   self)
GetTextThickness(EDA_TEXT self) -> int

Definition at line 2678 of file

◆ GetTextWidth()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetTextWidth (   self)
GetTextWidth(EDA_TEXT self) -> int

Definition at line 2829 of file

◆ GetVertJustify()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GetVertJustify (   self)
GetVertJustify(EDA_TEXT self) -> GR_TEXT_V_ALIGN_T

Definition at line 2754 of file

◆ GotoPageHref()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.GotoPageHref (   aDestination)
GotoPageHref(wxString aDestination) -> wxString

Definition at line 2977 of file

◆ HasHyperlink()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.HasHyperlink (   self)
HasHyperlink(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2950 of file

◆ HasTextVars()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.HasTextVars (   self)
HasTextVars(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2666 of file

◆ IsBold()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsBold (   self)
IsBold(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2714 of file

◆ IsDefaultFormatting()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsDefaultFormatting (   self)
IsDefaultFormatting(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2793 of file

◆ IsGotoPageHref()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsGotoPageHref (   aHref,
  aDestination = None 
IsGotoPageHref(wxString aHref, wxString aDestination=None) -> bool

Definition at line 2972 of file

◆ IsItalic()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsItalic (   self)
IsItalic(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2706 of file

◆ IsKeepUpright()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsKeepUpright (   self)
IsKeepUpright(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2762 of file

◆ IsMirrored()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsMirrored (   self)
IsMirrored(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2730 of file

◆ IsMultilineAllowed()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsMultilineAllowed (   self)
IsMultilineAllowed(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2738 of file

◆ IsVisible()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.IsVisible (   self)
IsVisible(EDA_TEXT self) -> bool

Definition at line 2722 of file

◆ MapHorizJustify()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.MapHorizJustify (   aHorizJustify)
MapHorizJustify(int aHorizJustify) -> GR_TEXT_H_ALIGN_T

Definition at line 2874 of file

◆ MapVertJustify()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.MapVertJustify (   aVertJustify)
MapVertJustify(int aVertJustify) -> GR_TEXT_V_ALIGN_T

Definition at line 2879 of file

◆ Offset()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Offset (   self,
Offset(EDA_TEXT self, VECTOR2I aOffset)

Definition at line 2865 of file

◆ Print()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Print (   self,
  aDisplay_mode = FILLED 
Print(EDA_TEXT self, RENDER_SETTINGS const * aSettings, VECTOR2I aOffset, COLOR4D aColor, OUTLINE_MODE aDisplay_mode=FILLED)

Definition at line 2883 of file

◆ RemoveHyperlink()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.RemoveHyperlink (   self)
RemoveHyperlink(EDA_TEXT self)

Definition at line 2962 of file

◆ Replace()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.Replace (   self,
Replace(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_SEARCH_DATA const & aSearchData) -> bool

Definition at line 2789 of file

◆ SetAttributes()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetAttributes (   self,
    SetAttributes(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT aSrc)
    SetAttributes(EDA_TEXT self, TEXT_ATTRIBUTES aTextAttrs)

Definition at line 2778 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ SetBold()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetBold (   self,
SetBold(EDA_TEXT self, bool aBold)

Definition at line 2710 of file

◆ SetFont()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetFont (   self,
SetFont(EDA_TEXT self, KIFONT::FONT * aFont)

Definition at line 2797 of file

◆ SetHorizJustify()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetHorizJustify (   self,
SetHorizJustify(EDA_TEXT self, GR_TEXT_H_ALIGN_T aType)

Definition at line 2742 of file

◆ SetHyperlink()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetHyperlink (   self,
SetHyperlink(EDA_TEXT self, wxString aLink)

Definition at line 2958 of file

◆ SetItalic()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetItalic (   self,
SetItalic(EDA_TEXT self, bool aItalic)

Definition at line 2702 of file

◆ SetKeepUpright()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetKeepUpright (   self,
SetKeepUpright(EDA_TEXT self, bool aKeepUpright)

Definition at line 2758 of file

◆ SetLineSpacing()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetLineSpacing (   self,
SetLineSpacing(EDA_TEXT self, double aLineSpacing)

Definition at line 2809 of file

◆ SetMirrored()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetMirrored (   self,
SetMirrored(EDA_TEXT self, bool isMirrored)

Definition at line 2726 of file

◆ SetMultilineAllowed()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetMultilineAllowed (   self,
SetMultilineAllowed(EDA_TEXT self, bool aAllow)

Definition at line 2734 of file

◆ SetText()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetText (   self,
SetText(EDA_TEXT self, wxString aText)

Definition at line 2670 of file

◆ SetTextAngle()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextAngle (   self,
SetTextAngle(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_ANGLE aAngle)

Definition at line 2686 of file

◆ SetTextAngleDegrees()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextAngleDegrees (   self,
SetTextAngleDegrees(EDA_TEXT self, double aOrientation)

Definition at line 2694 of file

◆ SetTextColor()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextColor (   self,
SetTextColor(EDA_TEXT self, COLOR4D aColor)

Definition at line 2841 of file

◆ SetTextHeight()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextHeight (   self,
SetTextHeight(EDA_TEXT self, int aHeight)

Definition at line 2833 of file

◆ SetTextPos()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextPos (   self,
SetTextPos(EDA_TEXT self, VECTOR2I aPoint)

Definition at line 2849 of file

◆ SetTextSize()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextSize (   self,
SetTextSize(EDA_TEXT self, VECTOR2I aNewSize)

Definition at line 2817 of file

◆ SetTextThickness()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextThickness (   self,
SetTextThickness(EDA_TEXT self, int aWidth)

Definition at line 2674 of file

◆ SetTextWidth()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextWidth (   self,
SetTextWidth(EDA_TEXT self, int aWidth)

Definition at line 2825 of file

◆ SetTextX()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextX (   self,
SetTextX(EDA_TEXT self, int aX)

Definition at line 2857 of file

◆ SetTextY()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetTextY (   self,
SetTextY(EDA_TEXT self, int aY)

Definition at line 2861 of file

◆ SetupRenderCache()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetupRenderCache (   self,
SetupRenderCache(EDA_TEXT self, wxString aResolvedText, EDA_ANGLE aAngle)

Definition at line 2938 of file

◆ SetVertJustify()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetVertJustify (   self,
SetVertJustify(EDA_TEXT self, GR_TEXT_V_ALIGN_T aType)

Definition at line 2750 of file

◆ SetVisible()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SetVisible (   self,
SetVisible(EDA_TEXT self, bool aVisible)

Definition at line 2718 of file

◆ SwapAttributes()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SwapAttributes (   self,
SwapAttributes(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT aTradingPartner)

Definition at line 2766 of file

◆ SwapText()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.SwapText (   self,
SwapText(EDA_TEXT self, EDA_TEXT aTradingPartner)

Definition at line 2770 of file

◆ TextHitTest()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.TextHitTest (   self,
    TextHitTest(EDA_TEXT self, VECTOR2I aPoint, int aAccuracy=0) -> bool
    TextHitTest(EDA_TEXT self, BOX2I aRect, bool aContains, int aAccuracy=0) -> bool

Reimplemented in pcbnew.PCB_TEXT, and pcbnew.FP_TEXT.

Definition at line 2891 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ ValidateHyperlink()

def pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.ValidateHyperlink (   aURL)
ValidateHyperlink(wxString aURL) -> bool

Definition at line 2967 of file

Property Documentation

◆ thisown

pcbnew.EDA_TEXT.thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")

Definition at line 2647 of file

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