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pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
"void" SetSkipPlotNPTH_Pads (self, "bool" aSkip)
"bool" GetSkipPlotNPTH_Pads (self)
"void" Format (self, "OUTPUTFORMATTER" aFormatter, "int" aNestLevel, "int" aControl=0)
"void" Parse (self, "PCB_PLOT_PARAMS_PARSER *" aParser)
"bool" IsSameAs (self, "PCB_PLOT_PARAMS" aPcbPlotParams)
"void" SetColorSettings (self, "COLOR_SETTINGS *" aSettings)
"COLOR_SETTINGS *" ColorSettings (self)
"void" SetTextMode (self, "PLOT_TEXT_MODE" aVal)
"PLOT_TEXT_MODE" GetTextMode (self)
"void" SetPlotMode (self, "OUTLINE_MODE" aPlotMode)
"OUTLINE_MODE" GetPlotMode (self)
"void" SetDXFPlotPolygonMode (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetDXFPlotPolygonMode (self)
"void" SetDXFPlotUnits (self, "DXF_UNITS" aUnit)
"DXF_UNITS" GetDXFPlotUnits (self)
"void" SetDrillMarksType (self, "PCB_PLOT_PARAMS::DrillMarksType" aVal)
"PCB_PLOT_PARAMS::DrillMarksType" GetDrillMarksType (self)
"void" SetScale (self, "double" aVal)
"double" GetScale (self)
"void" SetFineScaleAdjustX (self, "double" aVal)
"double" GetFineScaleAdjustX (self)
"void" SetFineScaleAdjustY (self, "double" aVal)
"double" GetFineScaleAdjustY (self)
"void" SetWidthAdjust (self, "int" aVal)
"int" GetWidthAdjust (self)
"void" SetAutoScale (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetAutoScale (self)
"void" SetMirror (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetMirror (self)
"void" SetSketchPadsOnFabLayers (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetSketchPadsOnFabLayers (self)
"void" SetSketchPadLineWidth (self, "int" aWidth)
"int" GetSketchPadLineWidth (self)
"void" SetPlotInvisibleText (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetPlotInvisibleText (self)
"void" SetPlotValue (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetPlotValue (self)
"void" SetPlotReference (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetPlotReference (self)
"void" SetNegative (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetNegative (self)
"void" SetPlotViaOnMaskLayer (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetPlotViaOnMaskLayer (self)
"void" SetPlotFrameRef (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetPlotFrameRef (self)
"void" SetExcludeEdgeLayer (self, "bool" aFlag)
"bool" GetExcludeEdgeLayer (self)
"void" SetFormat (self, "PLOT_FORMAT" aFormat)
"PLOT_FORMAT" GetFormat (self)
"void" SetOutputDirectory (self, "wxString" aDir)
"wxString" GetOutputDirectory (self)
"void" SetDisableGerberMacros (self, "bool" aDisable)
"bool" GetDisableGerberMacros (self)
"void" SetUseGerberX2format (self, "bool" aUse)
"bool" GetUseGerberX2format (self)
"void" SetIncludeGerberNetlistInfo (self, "bool" aUse)
"bool" GetIncludeGerberNetlistInfo (self)
"void" SetCreateGerberJobFile (self, "bool" aCreate)
"bool" GetCreateGerberJobFile (self)
"void" SetUseGerberProtelExtensions (self, "bool" aUse)
"bool" GetUseGerberProtelExtensions (self)
"void" SetGerberPrecision (self, "int" aPrecision)
"int" GetGerberPrecision (self)
"void" SetSvgPrecision (self, "unsigned int" aPrecision, "bool" aUseInch)
"unsigned int" GetSvgPrecision (self)
"bool" GetSvgUseInch (self)
"void" SetSubtractMaskFromSilk (self, "bool" aSubtract)
"bool" GetSubtractMaskFromSilk (self)
"void" SetLayerSelection (self, "LSET" aSelection)
"LSET" GetLayerSelection (self)
"void" SetUseAuxOrigin (self, "bool" aAux)
"bool" GetUseAuxOrigin (self)
"void" SetScaleSelection (self, "int" aSelection)
"int" GetScaleSelection (self)
"void" SetA4Output (self, "int" aForce)
"bool" GetA4Output (self)
"double" GetHPGLPenDiameter (self)
"bool" SetHPGLPenDiameter (self, "double" aValue)
"int" GetHPGLPenSpeed (self)
"bool" SetHPGLPenSpeed (self, "int" aValue)
"void" SetHPGLPenNum (self, "int" aVal)
"int" GetHPGLPenNum (self)
def SetUseGerberAttributes (self, aUse)

Static Public Member Functions

"int" GetGerberDefaultPrecision ()

Static Public Attributes



 thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")

Detailed Description

Proxy of C++ PCB_PLOT_PARAMS class.

Definition at line 6113 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.__init__ (   self)

Definition at line 6125 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ ColorSettings()

"COLOR_SETTINGS *" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.ColorSettings (   self)

Definition at line 6153 of file

◆ Format()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.Format (   self,
"int"  aNestLevel,
"int"  aControl = 0 
Format(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, OUTPUTFORMATTER aFormatter, int aNestLevel, int aControl=0)

Definition at line 6137 of file

◆ GetA4Output()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetA4Output (   self)
GetA4Output(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6434 of file

◆ GetAutoScale()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetAutoScale (   self)
GetAutoScale(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6233 of file

◆ GetCreateGerberJobFile()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetCreateGerberJobFile (   self)
GetCreateGerberJobFile(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6361 of file

◆ GetDisableGerberMacros()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetDisableGerberMacros (   self)
GetDisableGerberMacros(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6337 of file

◆ GetDrillMarksType()

"PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.DrillMarksType" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetDrillMarksType (   self)
GetDrillMarksType(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> PCB_PLOT_PARAMS::DrillMarksType

Definition at line 6193 of file

◆ GetDXFPlotPolygonMode()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetDXFPlotPolygonMode (   self)
GetDXFPlotPolygonMode(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6177 of file

◆ GetDXFPlotUnits()

"DXF_UNITS" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetDXFPlotUnits (   self)

Definition at line 6185 of file

◆ GetExcludeEdgeLayer()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetExcludeEdgeLayer (   self)
GetExcludeEdgeLayer(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6313 of file

◆ GetFineScaleAdjustX()

"double" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetFineScaleAdjustX (   self)
GetFineScaleAdjustX(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> double

Definition at line 6209 of file

◆ GetFineScaleAdjustY()

"double" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetFineScaleAdjustY (   self)
GetFineScaleAdjustY(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> double

Definition at line 6217 of file

◆ GetFormat()

"PLOT_FORMAT" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetFormat (   self)

Definition at line 6321 of file

◆ GetGerberDefaultPrecision()

"int" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetGerberDefaultPrecision ( )
GetGerberDefaultPrecision() -> int

Definition at line 6394 of file

◆ GetGerberPrecision()

"int" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetGerberPrecision (   self)
GetGerberPrecision(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> int

Definition at line 6377 of file

◆ GetHPGLPenDiameter()

"double" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetHPGLPenDiameter (   self)
GetHPGLPenDiameter(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> double

Definition at line 6438 of file

◆ GetHPGLPenNum()

"int" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetHPGLPenNum (   self)
GetHPGLPenNum(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> int

Definition at line 6458 of file

◆ GetHPGLPenSpeed()

"int" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetHPGLPenSpeed (   self)
GetHPGLPenSpeed(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> int

Definition at line 6446 of file

◆ GetIncludeGerberNetlistInfo()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetIncludeGerberNetlistInfo (   self)
GetIncludeGerberNetlistInfo(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6353 of file

◆ GetLayerSelection()

"LSET" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetLayerSelection (   self)
GetLayerSelection(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> LSET

Definition at line 6410 of file

◆ GetMirror()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetMirror (   self)
GetMirror(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6241 of file

◆ GetNegative()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetNegative (   self)
GetNegative(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6289 of file

◆ GetOutputDirectory()

"wxString" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetOutputDirectory (   self)
GetOutputDirectory(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> wxString

Definition at line 6329 of file

◆ GetPlotFrameRef()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetPlotFrameRef (   self)
GetPlotFrameRef(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6305 of file

◆ GetPlotInvisibleText()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetPlotInvisibleText (   self)
GetPlotInvisibleText(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6265 of file

◆ GetPlotMode()

"OUTLINE_MODE" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetPlotMode (   self)

Definition at line 6169 of file

◆ GetPlotReference()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetPlotReference (   self)
GetPlotReference(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6281 of file

◆ GetPlotValue()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetPlotValue (   self)
GetPlotValue(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6273 of file

◆ GetPlotViaOnMaskLayer()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetPlotViaOnMaskLayer (   self)
GetPlotViaOnMaskLayer(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6297 of file

◆ GetScale()

"double" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetScale (   self)
GetScale(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> double

Definition at line 6201 of file

◆ GetScaleSelection()

"int" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetScaleSelection (   self)
GetScaleSelection(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> int

Definition at line 6426 of file

◆ GetSketchPadLineWidth()

"int" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetSketchPadLineWidth (   self)
GetSketchPadLineWidth(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> int

Definition at line 6257 of file

◆ GetSketchPadsOnFabLayers()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetSketchPadsOnFabLayers (   self)
GetSketchPadsOnFabLayers(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6249 of file

◆ GetSkipPlotNPTH_Pads()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetSkipPlotNPTH_Pads (   self)
GetSkipPlotNPTH_Pads(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6133 of file

◆ GetSubtractMaskFromSilk()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetSubtractMaskFromSilk (   self)
GetSubtractMaskFromSilk(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6402 of file

◆ GetSvgPrecision()

"unsigned int" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetSvgPrecision (   self)
GetSvgPrecision(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> unsigned int

Definition at line 6385 of file

◆ GetSvgUseInch()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetSvgUseInch (   self)
GetSvgUseInch(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6389 of file

◆ GetTextMode()

"PLOT_TEXT_MODE" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetTextMode (   self)

Definition at line 6161 of file

◆ GetUseAuxOrigin()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetUseAuxOrigin (   self)
GetUseAuxOrigin(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6418 of file

◆ GetUseGerberProtelExtensions()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetUseGerberProtelExtensions (   self)
GetUseGerberProtelExtensions(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6369 of file

◆ GetUseGerberX2format()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetUseGerberX2format (   self)
GetUseGerberX2format(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> bool

Definition at line 6345 of file

◆ GetWidthAdjust()

"int" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.GetWidthAdjust (   self)
GetWidthAdjust(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self) -> int

Definition at line 6225 of file

◆ IsSameAs()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.IsSameAs (   self,
"PCB_PLOT_PARAMS"  aPcbPlotParams 
IsSameAs(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, PCB_PLOT_PARAMS aPcbPlotParams) -> bool

Definition at line 6145 of file

◆ Parse()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.Parse (   self,

Definition at line 6141 of file

◆ SetA4Output()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetA4Output (   self,
"int"  aForce 
SetA4Output(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, int aForce)

Definition at line 6430 of file

◆ SetAutoScale()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetAutoScale (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetAutoScale(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6229 of file

◆ SetColorSettings()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetColorSettings (   self,
"COLOR_SETTINGS *"  aSettings 
SetColorSettings(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, COLOR_SETTINGS * aSettings)

Definition at line 6149 of file

◆ SetCreateGerberJobFile()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetCreateGerberJobFile (   self,
"bool"  aCreate 
SetCreateGerberJobFile(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aCreate)

Definition at line 6357 of file

◆ SetDisableGerberMacros()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetDisableGerberMacros (   self,
"bool"  aDisable 
SetDisableGerberMacros(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aDisable)

Definition at line 6333 of file

◆ SetDrillMarksType()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetDrillMarksType (   self,
"PCB_PLOT_PARAMS::DrillMarksType"  aVal 
SetDrillMarksType(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, PCB_PLOT_PARAMS::DrillMarksType aVal)

Definition at line 6189 of file

◆ SetDXFPlotPolygonMode()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetDXFPlotPolygonMode (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetDXFPlotPolygonMode(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6173 of file

◆ SetDXFPlotUnits()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetDXFPlotUnits (   self,
"DXF_UNITS"  aUnit 

Definition at line 6181 of file

◆ SetExcludeEdgeLayer()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetExcludeEdgeLayer (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetExcludeEdgeLayer(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6309 of file

◆ SetFineScaleAdjustX()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetFineScaleAdjustX (   self,
"double"  aVal 
SetFineScaleAdjustX(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, double aVal)

Definition at line 6205 of file

◆ SetFineScaleAdjustY()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetFineScaleAdjustY (   self,
"double"  aVal 
SetFineScaleAdjustY(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, double aVal)

Definition at line 6213 of file

◆ SetFormat()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetFormat (   self,
"PLOT_FORMAT"  aFormat 
SetFormat(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, PLOT_FORMAT aFormat)

Definition at line 6317 of file

◆ SetGerberPrecision()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetGerberPrecision (   self,
"int"  aPrecision 
SetGerberPrecision(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, int aPrecision)

Definition at line 6373 of file

◆ SetHPGLPenDiameter()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetHPGLPenDiameter (   self,
"double"  aValue 
SetHPGLPenDiameter(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, double aValue) -> bool

Definition at line 6442 of file

◆ SetHPGLPenNum()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetHPGLPenNum (   self,
"int"  aVal 
SetHPGLPenNum(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, int aVal)

Definition at line 6454 of file

◆ SetHPGLPenSpeed()

"bool" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetHPGLPenSpeed (   self,
"int"  aValue 
SetHPGLPenSpeed(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, int aValue) -> bool

Definition at line 6450 of file

◆ SetIncludeGerberNetlistInfo()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetIncludeGerberNetlistInfo (   self,
"bool"  aUse 
SetIncludeGerberNetlistInfo(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aUse)

Definition at line 6349 of file

◆ SetLayerSelection()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetLayerSelection (   self,
"LSET"  aSelection 
SetLayerSelection(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, LSET aSelection)

Definition at line 6406 of file

◆ SetMirror()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetMirror (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetMirror(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6237 of file

◆ SetNegative()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetNegative (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetNegative(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6285 of file

◆ SetOutputDirectory()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetOutputDirectory (   self,
"wxString"  aDir 
SetOutputDirectory(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, wxString aDir)

Definition at line 6325 of file

◆ SetPlotFrameRef()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetPlotFrameRef (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetPlotFrameRef(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6301 of file

◆ SetPlotInvisibleText()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetPlotInvisibleText (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetPlotInvisibleText(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6261 of file

◆ SetPlotMode()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetPlotMode (   self,
"OUTLINE_MODE"  aPlotMode 

Definition at line 6165 of file

◆ SetPlotReference()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetPlotReference (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetPlotReference(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6277 of file

◆ SetPlotValue()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetPlotValue (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetPlotValue(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6269 of file

◆ SetPlotViaOnMaskLayer()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetPlotViaOnMaskLayer (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetPlotViaOnMaskLayer(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6293 of file

◆ SetScale()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetScale (   self,
"double"  aVal 
SetScale(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, double aVal)

Definition at line 6197 of file

◆ SetScaleSelection()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetScaleSelection (   self,
"int"  aSelection 
SetScaleSelection(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, int aSelection)

Definition at line 6422 of file

◆ SetSketchPadLineWidth()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetSketchPadLineWidth (   self,
"int"  aWidth 
SetSketchPadLineWidth(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, int aWidth)

Definition at line 6253 of file

◆ SetSketchPadsOnFabLayers()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetSketchPadsOnFabLayers (   self,
"bool"  aFlag 
SetSketchPadsOnFabLayers(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aFlag)

Definition at line 6245 of file

◆ SetSkipPlotNPTH_Pads()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetSkipPlotNPTH_Pads (   self,
"bool"  aSkip 
SetSkipPlotNPTH_Pads(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aSkip)

Definition at line 6129 of file

◆ SetSubtractMaskFromSilk()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetSubtractMaskFromSilk (   self,
"bool"  aSubtract 
SetSubtractMaskFromSilk(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aSubtract)

Definition at line 6398 of file

◆ SetSvgPrecision()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetSvgPrecision (   self,
"unsigned int"  aPrecision,
"bool"  aUseInch 
SetSvgPrecision(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, unsigned int aPrecision, bool aUseInch)

Definition at line 6381 of file

◆ SetTextMode()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetTextMode (   self,

Definition at line 6157 of file

◆ SetUseAuxOrigin()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetUseAuxOrigin (   self,
"bool"  aAux 
SetUseAuxOrigin(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aAux)

Definition at line 6414 of file

◆ SetUseGerberAttributes()

def pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetUseGerberAttributes (   self,

Definition at line 6464 of file

◆ SetUseGerberProtelExtensions()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetUseGerberProtelExtensions (   self,
"bool"  aUse 
SetUseGerberProtelExtensions(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aUse)

Definition at line 6365 of file

◆ SetUseGerberX2format()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetUseGerberX2format (   self,
"bool"  aUse 
SetUseGerberX2format(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, bool aUse)

Definition at line 6341 of file

Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ SetWidthAdjust()

"void" pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.SetWidthAdjust (   self,
"int"  aVal 
SetWidthAdjust(PCB_PLOT_PARAMS self, int aVal)

Definition at line 6221 of file

Member Data Documentation



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Definition at line 6120 of file

Property Documentation

◆ thisown

pcbnew.PCB_PLOT_PARAMS.thisown = property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc="The membership flag")

Definition at line 6116 of file

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