KiCad PCB EDA Suite

#include <lib_symbol.h>

Public Member Functions


Public Attributes

TRANSFORM transform
bool force_draw_pin_text
bool draw_visible_fields
bool draw_hidden_fields
bool show_elec_type
bool show_connect_point

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file lib_symbol.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Definition at line 72 of file lib_symbol.h.

73 {
75 force_draw_pin_text = false;
77 draw_hidden_fields = true;
78 show_elec_type = false;
79 show_connect_point = false;
80 }
bool draw_visible_fields
Definition: lib_symbol.h:66
bool force_draw_pin_text
Definition: lib_symbol.h:65
TRANSFORM transform
Definition: lib_symbol.h:64
TRANSFORM DefaultTransform
Definition: transform.cpp:33

References DefaultTransform, draw_hidden_fields, draw_visible_fields, force_draw_pin_text, show_connect_point, show_elec_type, and transform.

Member Data Documentation

◆ draw_hidden_fields

◆ draw_visible_fields

bool LIB_SYMBOL_OPTIONS::draw_visible_fields

◆ force_draw_pin_text

bool LIB_SYMBOL_OPTIONS::force_draw_pin_text

◆ show_connect_point

bool LIB_SYMBOL_OPTIONS::show_connect_point

◆ show_elec_type

bool LIB_SYMBOL_OPTIONS::show_elec_type

Definition at line 68 of file lib_symbol.h.

Referenced by LIB_SYMBOL_OPTIONS(), and LIB_PIN::print().

◆ transform

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