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eagle_plugin.h File Reference
#include <eda_units.h>
#include <io_mgr.h>
#include <layer_ids.h>
#include <netclass.h>
#include <plugins/eagle/eagle_parser.h>
#include <plugins/common/plugin_common_layer_mapping.h>
#include <map>
#include <tuple>
#include <wx/xml/xml.h>

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struct  ERULES
 subset of eagle.drawing.board.designrules in the XML document More...
 Works with Eagle 6.x XML board files and footprints to implement the Pcbnew PLUGIN API or a portion of it. More...


typedef std::map< wxString, FOOTPRINT * > FOOTPRINT_MAP
typedef std::vector< ZONE * > ZONES
typedef std::map< wxString, ENETNET_MAP
typedef NET_MAP::const_iterator NET_MAP_CITER

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typedef std::map<wxString, FOOTPRINT*> FOOTPRINT_MAP

Definition at line 43 of file eagle_plugin.h.


typedef std::map<wxString, ENET> NET_MAP

Definition at line 45 of file eagle_plugin.h.


typedef NET_MAP::const_iterator NET_MAP_CITER

Definition at line 46 of file eagle_plugin.h.


typedef std::vector<ZONE*> ZONES

Definition at line 44 of file eagle_plugin.h.