KiCad PCB EDA Suite
dialog_sim_settings.cpp File Reference
#include "dialog_sim_settings.h"
#include <sim/netlist_exporter_pspice_sim.h>
#include <sim/ngspice.h>
#include <confirm.h>
#include <wx/tokenzr.h>
#include <vector>
#include <utility>

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static bool empty (const wxTextEntryBase *aCtrl)
static void setStringSelection (wxChoice *aCtrl, const wxString &aStr)
static wxString getStringSelection (const wxChoice *aCtrl)

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◆ empty()

◆ getStringSelection()

static wxString getStringSelection ( const wxChoice *  aCtrl)

Definition at line 53 of file dialog_sim_settings.cpp.

54 {
55  return aCtrl->GetString( aCtrl->GetSelection() );
56 }

Referenced by DIALOG_SIM_SETTINGS::onDCEnableSecondSource(), DIALOG_SIM_SETTINGS::onSwapDCSources(), and DIALOG_SIM_SETTINGS::TransferDataToWindow().

◆ setStringSelection()

static void setStringSelection ( wxChoice *  aCtrl,
const wxString &  aStr 

Definition at line 47 of file dialog_sim_settings.cpp.

48 {
49  aCtrl->SetSelection( aCtrl->FindString( aStr ) );
50 }

Referenced by DIALOG_SIM_SETTINGS::parseCommand().